Monday, April 25, 2016

Ridge's Burn

Ridge would like to raise awareness among his infant peers. Parents make boiling hot cups of danger every morning and drink them. Be warned: DO NOT DIP YOUR HAND IN THEM!

It was an honest mistake by one of Ridge's parents. I'm not going to say who it was but it wasn't me. I was mad for a solid twenty minutes, then I remembered that we can't always keep them safe. 

On a serious note: this burn was our worst accident yet. He was in a lot of pain after it happened. It didn't look bad the day of the accident, but within a few days he was losing all the skin on the top of his hand and around his fingers. We're almost at the end of it, but it's been pitiful. He hasn't been able to suck his thumb (and I couldn't get him to go lefty). Now that he has his thumb back, he hasn't resumed his comfort. I can't deal with that. He loved his thumb-I'm trying hard to get him to start again but he's not taking. We'll see if he picks up that bad but cute baby habit. 

Thankfully, there will be no permanent damage. Full use. No scars. Still as active as before. He's not slowing down for nothing. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Princess Making Dress

"I want a dress with ruffles that twirls and covers my feet." Well that's all you have to say girlfriend! 

I took a wink and a nod from my homegirl, Maria von Trapp, who knows her way around a sewing machine. She's not the only one who can make play clothes from window curtains. 

I literally whipped Fern's new dress up during one of Ridge's nap, and it has been a big hit. It's not just a dress. It's not just something to wear. It's a princess-maker. (Mostly, it's like Sofia The First.) "Mama, did you know Sofia goes on hikes by herself and her mom and dad let her?" "Mama, look, I'm riding my bike like Sofia!"

We've already started looking at fabric for more dresses!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Field Trip Fun

School field trips with my crazy mom and my friends' crazy moms are some of my favorite childhood memories. They were the most fun, and bless their hearts, they did little chaperoning. We loved it!

Their chaperoning went like this: First, they drove and told the teacher which kids that they wanted in their cars. They would pack EPIC picnics (this is where my mom shined the brightest)! Also, they always treated us to the gift shop. Last, they signed us out early and we stayed late at the field trip. That's exactly what happened last week when I tagged along with Burl and his friends to the Nature Center. 

We followed the same pattern as my mom and her friends. The forecast was total rain, but we got lucky and only dealt with mud for a while then sun in the afternoon. 

The above face was his reaction to an owl feasting on a dead mouse. It was a highlight/lowlight of the trip. 

Once his class left, Burl and I drove the look around the cove. Since we were on a one way, gravel, no other cars drive, I let him ride shotgun. He was so happy and talked about all the things for the entire time. I barely got a word in-he was so excited that he talked the whole time and even interrupted himself. Those were signs that he was really enjoying himself. 

He quickly spotted a bamboo forest and the grounds keeper gave him a staff. 

Burl loved having me there for the field trip and some one-on-one time at the end. One-on-one time with my children is such a treat for me, but especially my Burl who is gone to school most of the time. He kept saying how special the time was, and I couldn't have agreed more. I can only hope I held a candle to my childhood trips. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Teal Mama

I found Fern like this a few days ago:

It was cold out, we were hanging out at home, and she was bopping around the house. Next thing I know, she's put on her cute suit and gone teal on me. That's the perfect outfit to wear when you give your swaddled baby a bottle, everyone woman knows that. 

This girl loves being a mama. This morning she declared very firmly that she "is not a toddler, I am a mama!" Ok, little mama, whatever you say. You do you! 

As sassy and determined as she is, she comes up with the sweetest compliments. Last night I was putting her to bed and told her how cute she is. She replied, "you're cute too! And happy every time!" Oh, how I hope that she really feels that. She is such a source of joy for me and our family. Mama or toddler, she is a great Fern!
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