Monday, January 2, 2017

The Angel That Sat

Fern has a love/hate relationship with children's choir. She loves seeing her friends and cousins, singing, having Mama for a night, and getting ice cream afterwards. She hates the performance part. We had so much going for us last year and it all came to a halt after her first performance. Singing on stage in front of people is not her thing, and that's ok. After that one dreaded Sunday performance, she didn't participate anymore. It was so sad to see her lose something that brought her so much joy. 

When this semester's choir started again, we talked about it. I told her that I would love to see her join again and sing with her friends and have our weekly "girls' night out," and when performance time came it was up to her whether she wanted to get on stage or not. That sounded good to her.

It's been a great semester for us. She's skipped happily into children's choir every week. She's learned all the words and had a great time singing. We've gone for ice cream and talked about girl stuff. I've loved our time together (and the boys had fun staying home having guy time). 

When it came time for our Christmas concert, she was with the group. She dressed up as the sweetest angel, stood in line, walked down to the stage, and turned left before going up the stairs. She sat by our pastor, talked to him, and watched her friends. Then, she got in line and walked out. She was the most darling Fern ever, and we look forward to more practices. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Polar Express Train

The first grade team at Burl's school goes above and beyond in so many ways, and yesterday was amazing! 

It was Polar Express day and the surprise at the end of the day was their own polar express train. While the students were out of their rooms, the teachers transformed the first grade hall into a train with different stations with fun games, crafts, and treats. 

Before Burl knew that I was there, I watched his surprise reaction. His sweet face was complete lit up with amazement and it made me feel so great that he has those feelings at school. He's happy and thriving there and I'm thankful for his sweet school family. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Fern's 5th Birthday

I have so many thoughts about having Fern as a daughter. She is my one and only daughter and such a delight! I've never met a child like her and I'm learning how to parent her and the learning curve is twisty. While I won't put all my big mother-daughter thoughts here, I'll go into too much detail about her special fifth birthday:

I absolutely love being with her, talking with her, talking about her, and taking her picture. Her birthday this year was a complete delight. She set the terms like any birthday princess does and was electric the entire day. 

We started with a grandparents' brunch where we were all allowed to sing Happy Birthday (a switch from last year). Then, she was spoiled with presents. All her presents suited her so well: she got more Barbies, her first American girl doll and hair brush, jewelry, high heels, and a fringe purse like mine that goes everywhere that she does. 

The presents don't seem that notable, but I'm a mama who loves toys and gets into it more than I would like to admit. 

Later that afternoon we had a park party with her friends. 

Park parties are by far the easiest parties to throw. I was fully prepared to do some homemade jewelry and crafts at home, but the birthday girl asked for a playground party. Easy peasy. We showed up with a cake and drinks and let the kids do their thing. John didn't even have to take out the trash. 

The girls ran and squealed but also sat and talked. It was such a sweet time for Fern. We could see that she was very happy!

Fern is such a treasure! This year has been a great shift for Fern. There are so many great ways in which she's grown. We credit most of it to the fun that she has had at her all-girl little school that she goes to twice a week, but we all know that God has gifted her with such a precious personality. She's sensitive, aware, happy, playful, and such a deep thinker. We truly cherish her. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Decorating Shift: 3 Favorite Things

"Ok, I start to see it now. What's the name of your look that you're changing to? Whatever it is, your house is starting to feel that way." -Rena, one of the teenagers who comes over for small group and occasional babysitting. She mourned the end of my baby blue/burlap combo but respected my decision for the switch. Obviously, we only focus on big, important subjects at small group. 

I made a new little spot in the living room with a few favorite things: 
1. fun shaped mirrors from Urban Outfitters (a new favorite resource)

2. Our photo books that I made last year and will continue to make!

Last Christmas, I invested a lot of time in pictures. I pruned each year, double backed up everything, and made a photo book for each year. Artifact Uprising is the first company that meets my expectations. Matte print. Pick my own layout. Prints to the ends. And the prices are extremely reasonable. I'm sure there's a fancier way to say all that, but I don't have time for fancy lingo. These books are good y'all! My family has enjoyed looking at them all year long! 

3. My faux tapestry/mop art. I bought a $5 mop from Walmart and got a stick from the yard, then I delayed dinner prep one night and made this. I've added some braids and twists since them, but it's pretty basic. The kids think it's the coolest thing that I've ever made-and we even made a tiny one for the Barbie house. 

It's only a tip of the hat to my new look but it's still a notable shift. I'm hoping to add some wall baskets eventually. It's such fun to make any progress from images in my head to my actual home. 
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