Monday, May 18, 2015

Crib Time

Before Ridge was born, the kids had a list of things that they wanted to do with him. One of those things was get in his crib and snuggle with him. Well, Ridge was starting to wake up and fuss, so I let the kids climb in his crib with him after they woke up:

Sometimes their love and attention looks like when helping hurts, but this time it was perfect. They covered him with a blanket, Fern held his paci in his mouth, they talked to him, and they sang him songs. He became quiet as he watched and listened to them. It lasted long enough for me to grab my camera and take a million pictures and text John all the details. 

We get asked how Burl and Fern are handling the addition to our family, and this is the perfect example of how well they are adjusting. For them, it's like they've gotten a new toy. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


As much as I remember the details and feelings of each birth, I can recount how the sibling introductions went as well. To me, that introduction is just as magical as watching life enter this world. After my friend's second child was born, I asked her what it felt like to have more than one. She thought for a while and all she said was abundance. Words can often fail our large emotions, but Abundance expresses it perfectly. 

At the hospital Burl fell in love. Nothing stopped him from holding and admiring Ridge. His captivation rivaled that of the doting grandmothers. Fern, however, had a hard time with the setting. It took a three visits for her to feel comfortable, and she didn't want to hold him until we got home. Here are the First Holds:

There was a special moment at the hospital that pretty much made my heart explode 1,000 times over. Burl was sitting in the hospital bed by himself holding Ridge and Fern was off in the distance. He went into complete big brother mode. While holding Ridge, he started to help Fern as well, giving her little ways to interact with the new baby. "Fern, you could bring him his lovie." "Fern, do you want to touch his feet." "Fern, you can come look at him and stand by the bed, but you don't have to get on the bed." It was then that Fern started to feel comfortable enough to approach Ridge. She climbed on the side of the bed and looked onto her new baby brother as her older brother encouraged her. Burl was playing his role so well and being so sweet to both Ridge and Fern, knowing just how to help her when we could not. 

That was the special moment that I won't forget. We love our three children. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ridge Thomas

Ridge Thomas was born on Friday. He was my fastest, easiest delivery as well as my largest baby (weighing in at 10lbs 6 oz). It's not easy to tell, but the experts have spoken and we have another sweet redhead! He's big. He's cute. He's the sweetest!

I had the privilege to have my younger cousin and my OB at my delivery, which added to the sweetness of our experience. Our doctor prayed with us before and after the short delivery, and something he prayed has stuck with me. He prayed that the Lord would give John and me more love for our children. 

During my pregnancy, I often thought about my divide among three children. My attention and service towards my children will be divided, but I can pray that the Lord will give me more love. Love can be increased not divided. So far, I feel it. We all feel that there is MORE LOVE. Welcome to our family, Ridge. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

What Does Mama Say The Most?

I've collected a few pictures of Burl and Fern in the depths of their playtime. During this pregnancy, they have quickly and easily become each other's go-to playmates. They're best friends and have quite the adventures together! I love eavesdropping into their make-believe.

Along the way, I heard something that stuck with me-what would our kids say if we asked them what we say most often? While these questions aren't my flavor, I still wanted to know. I asked them what does Mama say all the time? 

Burl: You don't say something all the time. You laugh a lot.
Fern: You say "I love you."

Well, let me just say that was the best thing I could hear right now. While I'm unable to keep up the pace I usually like to do; while I'm resting more than chasing and wrestling; and while I'm passing out more "Mama can't" than I like to; it's nice to hear that I laugh and say I love you more than anything else. 
I hope that's true. 
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