Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Gentle Smile, A Fun Boy

I came across this gentle smile from Burl on my photo roll. I think I was testing some stuff on my camera and he was helping me. It shows his squinty eye, his cute front teeth, and how simple he can be. 

This close up moves me as his mom. John and I are having so much fun hitting home runs with his third grade humor. The right potty joke at the right time will catch him off guard and he starts laughing so hard, he stops breathing, stumbles, and falls to the ground. The other day I was unloading diapers (regular and overnight) and he says, "my favorite diapers are overnight diapers" with perfect delivery. We laughed. Now, that's our inside joke with him. He's always having fun. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Ridge & Lark Christmas Swag.

If you've been around here for long, then you know I fall over in love over the precious sibling relationships. These two boys are hilarious. Being so close in age and interest, they pair up for some great moments. This was after Christmas-slippers, jammies, gloves, and backpacks have them ready to save the day!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Christmas Eve Cinnamon Rolls

For Christmas Eve, my dad came over and made cinnamon rolls with the kids.

Those little hands had so much fun with all the new textures. 

Then, we unbuckled the real fun and let them play in the leftover ingredients to make a big mess. 

Fern topped them off with the icing. 

They tasted good, but nothing was as exciting as the making process. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Potty Jokes & Tree Decorating

The tree is long gone, and the season is at the end. I still need to remember this quick night of decorating the tree. Decorating for Christmas happened throughout the season. Fern especially enjoyed moving things around-taking ornaments off the tree and moving them to random spots around the house or daily rearranging the manger scenes. We enjoyed adding all the layers for the holiday season.

This is a post about the first wave of decorating. It was a quick, surprising hustle after school and before small group. We popped open the bins and started digging. 

We found a discarded Christmas Mad Libs. The kids finally "got it." They know what nouns and verbs are enough to pick them for third grade hilarity. As we gathered all the potty words that are allowed, Burl was sent into a spiral that kept him laughing all night. 

The laughter and silliness became contagious throughout the family. 

John and I egged it on, emphasizing the potty words, the kids not breathing from laughter. 

That's what I will remember from this year. Burl's amazing third grade laughter as we unpacked those bins...
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