Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Season's First Snow

Pops called Burl this morning to tell Burl some farm news:
Burl, "Is this good news or bad news?"
Pops, "Good news. It snowed at the farm."
Burl, "ok, I need to go there. Mama, let's go to the farm."

We didn't go to the farm, but we did have some flurries here, or as Burl called it "very, VERY tiny snow." We rushed around and put our big coats on over our jammies and went outside to watch it sprinkle. It wasn't the blizzard that he's hoping for, but we live in the south and this is what has us running to the stores for bread and milk.

After two minutes they wanted to come inside because it was so cold, but they wanted to stay outside and play. We came inside because Mama was freezing. 

It was some fun excitement to our little morning!

Burl's Little Surgery

On Sunday night we let Burl stay up a little later and eat popcorn and ice cream. He was having some minor day surgery the next morning. 

We left the house before 6 am on Monday morning and Burl was excited and eager to get to the hospital. This little boy had a great time and was so brave throughout the whole process. I was given some great advice by a child life specialist and a nurse anesthetist on how to prepare him. I'm so glad that they guided me on how to explain everything. I tend to be an over-explainer, so it was nice to know how to explain things in a simple manner and how to be calm about the whole thing. 

There was about an hour of panic in my mama fears the day before, but after John and I prayed together, I was at ease. The nurses were perfect and attentive and very supportive of us all. While it still feels foggy and surreal, the whole process was pretty easy. 

Since then, we've had lots of visitors and presents sent our way, and Burl now believes that surgery is a very special treat. While he still needs some over the counter medicine, he's pretty much back to normal. Here he is 24 hours after we got home:

This brave Ninja Turtle is on the move.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Menu

In lieu of my regular menu post, I'm going to post our Thanksgiving menu. We're eating leftovers and salad before then. Nothing impressive. But Thursday will be impressive. And fun. And good.

Oyster dressing
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Steamed sweet potato casserole
Kale casserole (if my dad wants to try it!)
Green beans
Brussel sprouts
Squash casserole
Brother John rolls

Pumpkin pie
Pecan chocolate chip pie

Thursday, November 21, 2013


More than cows, more than a good ear cleaning, more than Krispy Kreme, more than backseat drives through the field, the good time we have at Lauren's is so much more than that.

Our children play perfectly together, because they get it. They get what they're a part of. They're happy, easy, and very fun, because they know that they're in a good place. Seriously, these kids are so happy with each other, which is just icing on the cake when I get to spend an afternoon with Lauren.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Me, My Stuff {Right Now}

Here I am, picking up my camera more often because there are too many fun things happening around me that I want to capture. I want little snapshots of the everyday as much as It's where I am right now in life, trying to capture so much of my life for now and for later. Here's a few things about me...

...Christmas wrapping is underway. I'm way ahead of schedule on Christmas presents. The early Christmas stuff is not an effort to fight the madness-instead, it's me not being able to hold back anymore. I'm just so excited for this year!
...I'm thinking that there's going to be some more color around my house, especially for Christmas. A gift from a friend in the form of "just some weeds on the side of the road" fit perfectly on my mantel.
...I made thai curry (with fresh basil-cheaper bought as the plant) for the first time in few years. John and I ate so much curry in front of the TV when we were first married. Thai and Survivor was a weekly tradition, and it was fun to remember that at dinner. 
...Warm cider, leggings, and wool socks are my necessities to brave the below 65 weather. Is it too early in the season to wonder if I'll ever be warm again? Too dramatic?
...Also, I'm reading fiction for the first time in way too long. I've been too serious in all my nonfiction lately, trying to read myself into a more balanced person. John suggested I take a break, and I'm so glad.

This Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year time of year has a lot of hype, and this mama loves hype. Hype seems to make things a little bit more positive, so please excuse the polished smiles and leprechaun kicks. I.Be.Jolly.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Laura's Baby Girl Shower

Dressing up my house for a party deserves a little attention and extra photos. It's not often I get to sweep everyone out of the house, light candles, pick up everything, and have friends over. Here are a few pictures of a small shower that we threw for Laura a few weeks ago.

Longtime friends: Laura, Mandy, Allison, & Me

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Week's Menu

These toddlers are at my feet playing, scattering toys, chasing, laughing, and being rowdy. All while I cook, and I love it. They won't always be there, so most times I savor their spinning presence. However, sometimes I make them clear out their toys from my oven-sink-frig triangle. Above all, I just love having them with me in the kitchen. Here's what I'm making for dinners this week:

John does breakfast for dinner!!!
Burgers and skillet red potatoes
Fish tacos, guacamole
Veggie night: Black-eyed peas, sweet potato fries, southern green beans, brussels 
Panang curry and jasmine rice

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Twenty-seven years.
Eight miles off the interstate.
Two Lupi's pizzas.
Four kids under four.
One flashback 80s mix.