Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fern's 2nd Birthday

As I'm going through the very many photos of Fern's birthday yesterday, I almost forget all the fussiness. Yesterday Fern was so fussy, because that poor girl was recovering from illness and just plain exhaustion. We started the day and ended the day well, and  the pictures help me to remember the good times we had yesterday:

I will not be known for large expensive blowout parties every year, but I will be known as a woman of hype. With some $3 balloons and $1.50 streamers, Burl and I had fun decorating for her birthday morning-on the cheap. Fern was so excited to see all the balloons, and Burl said it best, "it's fun being here."

I taped two helium balloons right at Fern's door that were on her level to see and grab as soon as she woke up. Then, I taped some balloons that lead to the dining room where we had her birthday breakfast and gifts. She was quiet and careful, but Fern figured out what to do. 

Her big present was this doll stroller. I researched and thought this through, and the small, inexpensive one was perfect for Fern-and absolutely the cutest one out there.

Bacon, eggs, and leftover cake followed by family playtime in the den was a great way to start the day. (John took the day off of work, which just makes everything so much fun!)

After one fell-asleep-in-the-car attempt at the park, we returned after naps for the kids to play. Fern took her stroller and was told to go wherever she wanted, and it was at this park that Fern was the happiest and playful-est that she was the whole day. She loved pushing the stroller and moving her things to the seat, to the storage, and back again.

We found a hay tower perfect for catching, and John and I caught them as much as we (and they) could jump. 

Our plan was to eat pizza and swing at the playground, but it got pushed back past sunset. The kids didn't mind and went with the flow. It was a perfect pizza picnic. 

We finished the night by using our gift certificate to Baskin Robbins where Fern got to have her first little cup of ice cream instead of sharing with John. And of course, I had to take one more family picture because that's how I roll. Seriously though, these pictures were great and helped remind me what a fun time we had as a family. She was fussy, but what I remember most is her sweet little nature and how excited she was while remaining calm. 

Fern is two years old, which is such a sweet little age where they are learning so much. Fern is her own person, and we love watching her grow.

Here is a little movie that I made of the birthday breakfast (click over if you want to watch it). 

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