Monday, November 4, 2013

Because I Love It & That's All

This post is a conclusion to October's daily blogging about The Great Outdoors.
It should have posted on October 31, but I was unable to post it then. 

My own insecurities and excuses used to hinder me. Even though I always enjoyed our little excursions outsides (the hikes, the church camping trips, the trips to watch the kayakers, the creekin') growing up, I never considered myself an outdoors girl. It just seemed like there was always someone else who did more than I did or had more appropriate gear and they were the true picture of outdoorsy. I mean, I wear makeup daily and shop at Walmart, and outdoorsy people just don't do that. Well, enough is enough. I'm stepping out around the tree to say, I'm an imperfect outdoors girl who is ridding herself of excuses. 

The biggest excuses I gave was ignorance and time constraint. I don't know where to go, I don't know how to get there, I just don't have the time really meant that I was too lazy to research enough details and I wasn't willing to fit it into my lifestyle. With the help of friends and my iPhone and finding pockets of time, we have really found some cool stuff to do in Chattanooga. I'm starting to realize that it's a lot easier and a lot more fun than I've believed in the past. 

That's all I like about it. I don't have a long list of reasons, except that it's pretty, it's fun, and it makes me happy. I don't even have an agenda when I go out there. A friend recently posted this great article encouraging people to take the challenge and be intentional and get outside. It has great points that I agree with. However, for me, I'm just not that intentional. There's no plan or agenda, it's just fun. My kids do seem to enjoy themselves more, but that's about the furthest my intentions go. 

This month has been fun exploring some new places while revisiting some old, all the while focusing on the large role that the great outdoors plays in my life. If I could leave you with one encouragement, then it would be this: don't make excuses. If you like getting outside, then may you find the resources to make it happen. If you don't like getting outside, then just say that. Either way, I'll still be your friend and we will have plenty more to talk about. 

For a complete list of this months post about The Great Outdoors, see my introductory page.
 Thank you for reading my blog.

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  1. I just started reading your blog and LOVE it- I'm in Asheville, NC so not too far from Chatanooga! I used to be scared about fitting into the outdoor culture, too, and to an extent still am. That being said- I just did a 30 mile backpacking trip on one of the hardest trails in the Southeast with a friend.. and all of our gear came from Walmart or the cheap part of Amazon (minus a few items that were gifts, but still not the pricier brands)... and it worked GREAT! We're starting a blog for hiking with a specific section on budget gear.... the outdoor culture can get way too pretentious sometimes..... it's like people that buy all the fancy schmancy kitchen gear and never use it- it looks pretty but it doesn't make them happy. LOVED THIS POST!