Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Season's First Snow

Pops called Burl this morning to tell Burl some farm news:
Burl, "Is this good news or bad news?"
Pops, "Good news. It snowed at the farm."
Burl, "ok, I need to go there. Mama, let's go to the farm."

We didn't go to the farm, but we did have some flurries here, or as Burl called it "very, VERY tiny snow." We rushed around and put our big coats on over our jammies and went outside to watch it sprinkle. It wasn't the blizzard that he's hoping for, but we live in the south and this is what has us running to the stores for bread and milk.

After two minutes they wanted to come inside because it was so cold, but they wanted to stay outside and play. We came inside because Mama was freezing. 

It was some fun excitement to our little morning!

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