{Me & My Blog}

There is a special place between two worlds.  It's between a girl who has dirt in her hair and lives on a farm off the grid and a girl who wears freshly pressed dresses and goes to fundraiser luncheons.  I want to live in that special place with my family.  

I crave the simplicity and appreciation that the first girl has; and at the same time, a big part of me will always need to share meals with friends, occasionally dress up, and want to join things for nothing less than the need for camaraderie.  

The only plant that I've kept alive on my own is some hardy rosemary and I don't really like animals except for the food they provide me.  
I rarely use an iron and hate feeling too fancy for myself. 

If those two extremes got married and had a baby, then I think it would be me--or at least I dream that it would be.  That would be rad.  Somewhere in that special place is a simple and fun and relaxed and exciting life.  I think it would start with a barefoot day.

This blog helps me with that.  At first I started this blog to record little things my son did, talk about how everyone should start writing more handwritten letters, and to join the beautiful world of decorating blogs.  As everything evolves, so has my blog.  My pictures.  My word.  My pride.  My thoughts.  I still talk about those same things, but I talk about them differently.  I try to blog often, process my thoughts deeper, and take better pictures.  A large portion of my friends read my blog so that helps me stay authentic.  It also helps me write, because I can get cheesy at times and knowing that my real life friends read this, they'll know when I'm trying instead of being.

When I try to paint myself in a much cooler picture than I am, then things don't work.  It feels good to try to be someone else, but it's only temporary.  I quickly feel guilty and gross and I want to delete that post.  But I leave it.  Because faking it s part of who I am.  I don't like that part, but it's there.  As I get into my 30s, I want to be more truthful with myself and with other people.  Putting myself out here via blogging helps with that.  From food to handwritten letters to my children and husband, they are all little things that make up the big and little adventures of my life that make me want to be better at being real.  

Thank you for reading my blog.My email address is abarefootday@gmail.com.  Email me anytime.