{My Family}

This is my family.  John, Me, Burl, and Fern.  While most like to say we're opposites, we'll tell you differently.  John is quiet and stable and strong, while I am loud and excited and energetic.  However, we both long for adventures, time with our children, having friends over for dinner, and to be more authentic in everything we do.  We also like to laugh.  A lot.  We find humor in stereotypes, ourselves, awkward situations, and stand-up comedy on YouTube.  

We were married for six years until we had kids.  We always knew that we wanted them, and we waited until we both felt it was the right time.  We still can't believe our children our real.  It's so amazing having them here.  Children.  Running around.  Reaching for us to hold them.  Calling us by name.  Smiling when we walk in the room.  

Burl came, then Fern.  They are 20 months apart and have loved each other since day one.  {Read about their meeting HERE.} We can't believe how much they love each other already.  That has been such a blessing.  I have to say that as much as being parents to TWO children is awesome, being parents to siblings is a deeper joy and we love watching them together.  

Let me introduce you to Burl.  He is all boy.  Wild man.  Rowdy.  He likes biiiig trucks, tools, yard work, going places, food, and thinks that his dad is so awesome for going to the magic place of "work" everyday. 

He looks just like his dad (except with blond hair) and lives just like his mama.  He loves people and going and his family and friends.  

His cheeks are soft and he doesn't mind thousands of kisses everyday.
He's always up for a good hug.

Fern is our precious little doll.  Having a girl has been so much fun for me.  We're still learning her personality, but there are a few things we know for sure:  she likes to smile, she's very easy going, she likes to get stuff and grab it and put it in her mouth.  She likes to be eating if we are eating and likes to play on the floor.  She laughs at us, but laughs hard at her brother.  If he's in the room, she's watching him.  

She is so tiny and I like to carry her around like my own personal baby doll.  She has red hair (which I love), so we get stopped in public a lot as people like to adore her.  We adore her the most.  


As I write all of this, I hope I paint a good picture of my family.  If you ask me how I'm doing, then I will immediately tell you great!  For the most part, everything is great-almost charming.  The blessings flow!  Even though the kids cry sometimes, John and I fight on occasion, and I get frustrated at the little things, I have a very blessed life.

I'm so very thankful for a strong husband, a fun rowdy boy, and a sweet little girl.  I like to focus on being thankful and excited and joyful.  Sometimes I get nervous that this is my calm before the big storm, but I try to tell those voices to shut up.  They're robbing me of the joy of being in the now.  The now is pretty awesome and I will tell anyone, things are great!

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