Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Right Now {Pregnancy Version}

...entering my second trimester of my third pregnancy
...touring schools for Burl's kindergarten next year
...going solo to the movie theater as a treat to myself
...finding my way back to normal after a tiring first trimester
...lighting candles
...turning on music
...starting to pick up my camera more often
...getting up to chase the kids and tickle them (even though I could stay on the couch)
...running less but still trying
...answering Fern's daily check on the baby (is the baby still in your tummy? is it ok? Good.)
...raising this next baby on Philly cheese steaks
...loving the kids busy little worlds that they create at home

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Start With A Bonfire

Bonfires make regular appearances on this blog, no matter the weather. May or October, we do not hesitate to light some logs on fire in the name of a good time. However, it feels more right this time of year. We've bonfire-d just a couple of times so far this season-friends over for pizza and smores, a group of teenagers over for chili mugs/smores/outside movie, E.T.-and it's always a relaxing time. I'm sure this weekend, we will have some regular family nights as well. This is always true for us: we start with the idea of a bonfire and other details fall into place. Let's have a bonfire! What should we eat? Who should we invite? Should we add some other things to do? Bonfires are also the redemption to the weather turning cold, so for that, we always celebrate and welcome them.

A few of you have noticed the silence on my blog, and one reader {my dad} is almost in protest over it. I haven't been feeling myself lately, and all the cheese is slipping off all my crackers. However, I'm returning to the little and big things that make me feel normal, even if my cheese is on the floor. Thanks for reading!