Monday, January 2, 2017

The Angel That Sat

Fern has a love/hate relationship with children's choir. She loves seeing her friends and cousins, singing, having Mama for a night, and getting ice cream afterwards. She hates the performance part. We had so much going for us last year and it all came to a halt after her first performance. Singing on stage in front of people is not her thing, and that's ok. After that one dreaded Sunday performance, she didn't participate anymore. It was so sad to see her lose something that brought her so much joy. 

When this semester's choir started again, we talked about it. I told her that I would love to see her join again and sing with her friends and have our weekly "girls' night out," and when performance time came it was up to her whether she wanted to get on stage or not. That sounded good to her.

It's been a great semester for us. She's skipped happily into children's choir every week. She's learned all the words and had a great time singing. We've gone for ice cream and talked about girl stuff. I've loved our time together (and the boys had fun staying home having guy time). 

When it came time for our Christmas concert, she was with the group. She dressed up as the sweetest angel, stood in line, walked down to the stage, and turned left before going up the stairs. She sat by our pastor, talked to him, and watched her friends. Then, she got in line and walked out. She was the most darling Fern ever, and we look forward to more practices.