Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burl's Little Surgery

On Sunday night we let Burl stay up a little later and eat popcorn and ice cream. He was having some minor day surgery the next morning. 

We left the house before 6 am on Monday morning and Burl was excited and eager to get to the hospital. This little boy had a great time and was so brave throughout the whole process. I was given some great advice by a child life specialist and a nurse anesthetist on how to prepare him. I'm so glad that they guided me on how to explain everything. I tend to be an over-explainer, so it was nice to know how to explain things in a simple manner and how to be calm about the whole thing. 

There was about an hour of panic in my mama fears the day before, but after John and I prayed together, I was at ease. The nurses were perfect and attentive and very supportive of us all. While it still feels foggy and surreal, the whole process was pretty easy. 

Since then, we've had lots of visitors and presents sent our way, and Burl now believes that surgery is a very special treat. While he still needs some over the counter medicine, he's pretty much back to normal. Here he is 24 hours after we got home:

This brave Ninja Turtle is on the move.

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