Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013

The Costumes. Halloween fell on a school day for Burl, so he got to wear two costumes: baseball player to school (which was his own, invented costume, then Darth Vader for trick-or-treating. I borrowed a homemade s'more costume for Fern, which she adored. When she first tried it on, she started twirling daintily with her hands by the side. (This girl has a girly side to her that way surpasses me.)

The Trick-or-treating. This was Burl's second year and Fern's first year to go door to door and they both knew what to do. Burl loved interacting with all the neighbors, especially the slightly older boy who loved his costume and played with his light saber. 

Joseph and I took the kids this year, and there were so many people! In the two hours and three blocks that we did, we must have seen 100 people. There were also a lot more people passing out candy too. It's all so neighbor-ly and I love it! I'm so glad that little phase where people equated trick-or-treating with worshiping the devil was short lived. Nothing about any of that felt wrong. It was a great time.

The best part: coming home and hitting up the candy. 

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