Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Backyard Weenie Roast For Fern

Sunday night we invited my family and John's family over for a little bonfire and weenie roast to celebrate Fern's birthday. We all knew that she would go inside herself a little bit because she is the biggest two year old introvert that I've ever seen. She was excited and enjoyed herself as long as she was playing with one or two people at a time. The grandmothers took turns holding her, so she was well loved.

She became a little more animated after everyone left and the crowd got was small. As John and I cleaned up, my brothers showed the kids how to burn stuff in the bonfire and how to spit like men. Not a lot of two year old birthdays end that way, but it's all good family fun and everyone knows that's a ton of fun. 

Happy Birthday, Fern! Thanks to our families for joining us.

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