Saturday, June 28, 2014

Local Happenings

I can't help but share these Chattanooga happenings: 

I just learned about the Peach Truck that travels around small towns and sells delicious peaches out of their jeep. For locations/More of their story and blog. I'm hoping to catch them today or Monday in my town! (photo cred here.)

I came across this gorgeous wedding that took place at McDonald Farms, a farm I grew up going to as a child when they hosted our church's picnic. One of favorite shops and florists, The Clay Pot, helped with it. Photography and photo cred: Jac & Heath. Click on their link for more amazing pictures!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my city for its amazing outdoor scene, but I also love its cute split-personality. We're the biggest small town you'll find. Read a little bit more in Southern Living's most recent article on us. 

Some Hootenanies by Ten Bartram just released. These are two sisters who I actually know. They're tall, they're cute, and they have a great sound. Even though I don't know how to talk about music, I can say these two things: it's good windows-down-summer-anthem music and the first line of the whole CD is "Mama kicked us out the, See the beauty, it's ready to be explored." So there, the music is perfect.

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