Monday, September 1, 2014

Beach Trip, 2014

We're closing out our longest family vacation to date. John has had ten days off of work, and eight of those days we were at the beach. We were happy, free, and TOGETHER. 

Besides actually being at the beach, the highlights included:

-spotting dolphins
-SUP boarding and kayaking with the kids
-teaching them to pee in the ocean and giggle about it
-jumping waves as a family
-making new friends at the beach
-catching crabs and throwing them in the ocean
-coffee on the top deck, meals on the bottom deck
-playing seashell sandwiches with Fern
-family walks by the ocean and to Deer Lake
-digging bigger holes ever in the sand
-outdoor showers
-wearing bathing suits only for the majority of the days
-exploring the area just a couple of times
-trading off early morning runs with John
-lots of ice cream

I can't say enough what a great time we had. There were so many great elements about our week at the beach, and we will forever remember the week we had.

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  1. Yay! Those family memories are PRICELESS!!!!