Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fun Weekend Recap

I've been missing Old Meg, the one that's not in her third trimester, the one who can play with her kids, the one that has leaps and bounds of energy, and the one that, you know, can do things. Our weekends for a while have been quiet and boring. I've needed the downtime, but to be honest, it's hard on me. Luckily, last weekend we had a fuller weekend and it wasn't too strenuous. 

A friend had two extra tickets to Monster Jam, and I couldn't accept them fast enough. That was an experience. The people watching. The $15 icee. The people watching. The trucks. The people watching. Burl enjoyed it all.

Saturday, were able to fit in a little hike. It was unseasonably warm, which made the hike even better. 

The hike was simple, so Burl & Fern had no problem hiking and running on their own. We were able to take our time and let the kids explore parts of the trail. 

Fern had a little fall, scraped her knees, and milked it for what she could. John and I traded turns milking it for the sweet snuggles. 

Burl got to skip his weekend nap and go to a birthday party for a school friend. He is always looking for opportunities to make cards for people, so he was excited to make a card for his friend. "I like to find out their favorite color and use that for the their card." Melt my DIY, letter writing heart, I've found a kindred spirit in my own son!

That night we hit the town with a game of bowling. It was the first time for my children. Burl told me that he already knew how because he's seen it on Curious George. Before we left he was doing push-ups "to make his muscles strong for bowling." 

Fern told us before we got their that she just wanted to watch, but as soon as we got there she was all in! Both kids celebrated each pin they knocked down, and they about lost their minds when they got strikes. (We had free passes, but oh my word, that would have been expensive!!) The kids had a blast and now they talk about it every time we pass the bowling alley. 

The next day Burl got to skip another weekend nap and go with his dad and uncle to the climbing gym. He was very excited and talked constantly about his "guy time." 

The whole weekend was so good for me. This pregnancy has been completely different than my first two, presenting more emotional challenges, but now that I'm just three months away from the due date, I can't believe it's almost here! I've had baby fever more these past few months than I ever have in my life-which if you know me and my baby obsession, then you know it's saying a lot. We are all very excited to meet our little boy!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your weekend! I miss family hikes. Minnesota winters and a newborn don't make for good hikes. You look wonderful!

  2. Oh Thanks!!! Hope it warms up for you soon!