Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Morning, 2015

Our Christmas break is coming to an end. I cried to John tonight about how sad I am that he's returning to work and Burl to school. "If I'm this lonely feeling now, what is going to feel like when ALL the kids are leaving the house after Christmas break?" Obviously, I'm not one of those "take it a day at a time/cross that bridge when it gets here" type of people. I quickly came up with a plan: girls trip to somewhere warm. Now that I have my future worries taken care of, I can get back to this year's Christmases.

Having kids makes Christmas mornings exhilarating. Burl and Fern were drunk with eagerness on Christmas Eve. In the picture above, they've fallen down in fits of laughter. 

Seeing their excitement reminds me of how I felt Christmas morning. I love that they're getting that rush-it's adorable and sweet. 

Ridge's first Christmas was typical for a baby his age: all about those boxes. He was especially captivated with the strings (and never noticed the mittens I put on his hands).

Christmas morning was full of raging through presents, fun treats (like sparkling grape juice), and more fits of laughter. 

This particular Christmas had record highs and some extreme rain that we loved watching.

The next day and a half were full of family and an obscene amount of presents. 

Burl scored his own handheld electronic (a little on the old school style) and, in my opinion  it's precious how much he's already played.

The rest of our break was relaxing, but those two days were full of presents and excitement. 

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  1. Footed pjs! JoNate still wears his although his big toes stick out on both feet. And was that underwear? A favorite stocking stuffer around here, too!