Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fern's Shop

We've been on summer break for three weeks, and I love having the chaos of having all three with me all the time. However, as school was ending for Burl, I realized how much I was going to miss my one-on-one time with Fern that I got everyday. While Burl was at school and Ridge took his first nap, Fern was an only child. Sometimes I would let her watch TV, but sometimes we spent the time playing together. 

Fern often needs plenty of space to become herself, and this sweet daily time was perfect for her. She's always been good at playing on her own-and I've always been good at secretly watching her play. 

This particular morning we took the tent outside and she packed a bag full of little treasures (oh this girl and her bag of treasures!). She carefully and precisely set up a shop for me and invited me in to make my choices. (I asked permission to take pictures of her creativity and she proudly obliged.)

We played that for a while until her wild switch was flipped and she was doing sweet tricks off the mini-slide. Her creativity and playfulness are a treasure to me!

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