Saturday, August 20, 2016

Muddy Mess & My Current Parenting Trend

I'm still blogging. It's been infrequent over the year, but I still enjoy it. It's been my megaphone since Burl was three months old and I've always enjoyed talking about myself. Go figure. If there are any readers out there besides my dad and my mother-in-law (hey you two!), then please know that I want to continue posting here-as for now I have no goals of setting it aside. Now, onto blogging...

On our next to last day of summer, we did nothing special at all. The kids watched TV, Ridge walked around, and I was a mix of chores and squeezing my babies. Days like that are my favorite, because we're all together, side by side, living in our home together. The only thing on the agenda was our front yard water park. 

I adore how excited they get over our four foot baby pool and the broken sprinkler. Every.single.time. They made mud pies, filled their pond, and got kid-messy. The best mess. I'm often the run through the sprinkler mom, but this time I was front porch/don't get me wet/yes I saw that and it was awesome mom. Being pregnant again sits me down on my bottom more often than usual, but beyond that, I've been pulling back a little. 

My current trend of parenting is wondering if I'm guilty of over-parenting. I love to get into their worlds and be a part of make-believe, but I'm not as good at it as I thought I was. Pulling back and taking my 35-year-old imagination out of the scenario has made for some better times for my kids. Watching Burl and Fern, 6 and 4, take charge of their own play has been more meaningful for me lately. (And watching Ridge (1) keep up is just precious!)

I remember thinking that it was one of our fleeting days of summer and I let the kids watch a big dose of TV and didn't run through the sprinkler with them and wondering if it felt right to me? Part of it didn't feel right to me, but part of me loved overhearing them take turns with their shows, spring into make-believe, and watch them run around TOGETHER in the front yard. 

This has been the shortest summer of my life, and I've been dreading the school hustle. I love school for so many reasons, but I miss them and the schedule is not my favorite. (Burl in 1st grade, Fern goes two days a week at fake school.) However, with 1 1/2 weeks into the school year, I've fallen in love with school all over again. I am amazed at what school does for them-I don't know how to describe it besides saying that school makes them better versions of themselves. They're better at articulating their thoughts and questions, they're more playful, they're more kid-like, they're worldview is more realistic. The transformation is great. The point of life isn't to be a better version of ourselves, but I do appreciate the changes that have taken place and I pray that school is always a good influence on them even when it's not easy. When I have them home with me, sometimes I'll wrestle all day and build forts and sometimes I'll be an observer. Last week on this muddy day, I remember loving my place in life and fully appreciating the privilege to be a stay at home mom.

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