Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ridge Time

I can not say enough about how happy Ridge is. He's the smiliest baby that I've had and I want to eat him up! Recently, I realized that most of my pictures of Burl and Fern were taken with a real camera, not an iPhone, and many of them were from ordinary days doing nothing special at all. I love going through them and am hoping to get more of Ridge. (However, I have a larger video collection of Ridge than I do of Burl and Fern.) Here's an effort to post about the ordinary days of Ridge. 

Last week we had our roof redone, which could have sent our family to Alaska, and Ridge was running from window to window watching the workers on the ground. They were kind and always waved or spoke to him, so sweet! I couldn't help but remember a similar event with Burl when he was almost the exact same age

Another non-notable but still special Ridge moment was taking him to the playground by himself. With Fern away two days a week and Burl in school time, I have some precious one-on-one time with Ridge. 

Sometimes we run an errand. Sometimes we snuggle. Sometimes we play. Sometimes we just look at each other and laugh. It's great!

The challenge that I have with having multiple children is the divided attention. I wish each child was my first so I can have a good base of one-on-one time, but that's not how the Lord planned it for us. Any time like this time is invaluable. 

My love for Ridge is changing from baby adoration to fun, toddler interaction. He's really becoming one of the big kids in the way he plays, and not just in his man-child size. I love this little buddy and hope I remember what it feels like to be his mom in his early life. 


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