Monday, May 8, 2017

Such A Lovable 2

It's been four days of partying and Ridge has loved all of it. He's definitely turning into the life of the party around here and is always a fun-loving charmer. Everybody loves Ridge and Ridge loves everybody! We were all excited about his celebrations, but his adoring older brother and sister took a special interest in it. 

Let's do a recap of the weekend:

1. Friday we had a truck/Cinco De Mayo birthday party for him, a natural crossover for a two year old, right? The party planned itself, quesadilla bar, massive amount of guacamole, and a chocolate truck cake. The good times rolled...

Ridge absolutely loved his cake. He didn't take one bite of it, but he moved it around the table and floor with his new little trucks. My dad called me the next day. Through his tears, he encouraged me so well. He said watching Ridge tear up a piece of cake, he thought, "oh no! Ridge shouldn't do that." Instead, he said that he was encouraged watching me let Ridge do his own thing. That call meant to much to me. (Thanks, Dad.)

We finally convinced Ridge to open presents and he had even more fun. He got more trucks and a water table. He loved the toys, the thrill, and the attention. 

We got a family picture, even though getting a focused picture of all six of us is proving difficult. 

2. Saturday we didn't do much at all. It was a very slow-paced day at home, just what we needed! Ridge got his gift from us. A sweet toddle scooter. Now he doesn't have to go to the park and steal everyone else's. 

3. Sunday night we did our new favorite tradition: we took the birthday boy out for dinner with just Mom and Dad. This is our favorite thing, and it's just as much for us as it is for the kids. We love getting to devote all of our attention to one child. Ridge loved being silly for us, drawing on the kids menu with us, and listening to important stories like The Day You Were Born and What The Trash Truck Does. 

4. Monday (today) was his actual birthday. The kids weren't going to let it go by without a couple of special treats. They suggested candles in the waffle and ice cream after school. Yes and yes!

We love our Ridge. Ridgey. Ridgerator. Celebrating him was easy!

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