Saturday, July 1, 2017

Watermelon At Twilight

With its longer days and buggy sounds, summer invites us outside to stay up later and linger with the sun. We all know this, a tale as old as time. As watermelons drop in price and rise in sweetness, I will cut them up and throw them in a bowl. We all head outside for dinner's dessert. Watermelons outside just make sense-partly for the romance of it but mostly because Mama don't want that drippy mess inside! 

I don't have personal memories of this myself, nevertheless it triggers childhood nostalgia. (So does Fern in her bathing suit-I loved wearing my bathing suit as clothes when I was a little girl.)

Neighbors stop by and we share some more. My kids eat three slices to their one. We can't stop, we won't stop. While the pulp covers their faces and juice runs down their forearms, I tell myself that the mess doesn't own me. If they stand over me and eat and drip, they wake the dragon. DO NOT DRIP ON MAMA!

Then I can't help the cuteness and grab whoever walks in arm lengths of me and scoop them in for a hug. A sweaty, sticky, drippy, smiley, happy hug. Next year, we look forward to Lark joining us-eating and staying up late!

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