Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Breaking Lately


Lately, we've been eating dinner outside/frequenting parks, fields, and trails/purging and organizing our house, while finding ways to make it function better/hanging loads of curtains/enjoying strawberry season/going to Lake Winnie, again/and being involved in a couple extra things that we don't normally do.

A couple days turned into a couple weeks, and a couple weeks showed me that I need to force myself into a little break from blogging. I've blogged regularly for a few years, yapping and processing and photographing about my life. I intend to continue all the chatter beginning early June. For now, I'm spending some extra time processing and tending to a couple of things in my life and it's taking more out of me than I thought. 

Thanks to the couple of friends (and my dad) who noticed my absence here and said something. It made me feel seen and appreciated. Enjoy the rest of May, as this is one of the best months for us all.


  1. Funny how I was just thinking about your blog this morning and realized I hadn't seen anything for a bit. I decided to check on you, and voila. You had the answer right off the bat. I think it's great to take some time off and regroup. Cheers!

  2. Have a great break! I will miss your blog updates until June! Love your blog.

  3. Well, after reading Lake Winnie 1 every morning for the last couple of weeks, I have a new blog to get me through to June 1. I think increase visits and /or pictures will make up for the blog break.
    Dad and biggest fan

  4. nice new look ... about a new post