Monday, May 5, 2014

Lake Winnie, Part 1

For someone who doesn't like amusement parks, I'm in love with our small local Lake Winnie. Call it nostalgia. At the end of each school year, for what seems like my ENTIRE childhood, we spent a day a Lake Winnie. It was only a school trip for a few years of my childhood, but the memories are so strong that they feel like they were there every year. Last Friday, my mom and I took Burl and Fern. 

Burl wanted to know exactly what rides he was tall enough to ride. He wanted to do all the dangerous stuff. Holy teenage years, Batman, Burl has no fear. Fern took one tearful, painful, ride in the swings, then she was ok to go on almost anything. 

My mom and I lost our minds when we found out that we could leave the park and come back for more. We had big plans of bringing at least Fern back for a nap and stay until dark. By 2pm, we decided to all four return home. We convinced Burl to come home by telling him he could watch Batman and eat ice cream while Fern slept. At 4:59pm, I checked the hours to see what time they closed that night: 5:00pm. We couldn't go back. Our biggest oversight of the day. Burl cried for a few minutes but was ok eventually-my mom and I still haven't recovered. It's been five days. We won't feel better until we do the whole day again on a night that they stay open later. 

We laughed at all the pity we felt for ourselves, but my mom and Lauren started to write poems.
Here are only two of them:

Burl was so kind to let Ferny nap, unbeknownst to him the trip was a wrap. 
Lying here in my bed so lonely and sad, with memories of Lake Winnie a fun day gone bad.

We have full intentions to return within a month. A full day of playfulness with my kids is such a sweet treat and I'm ready for the adventure! If you're a local, then I would highly recommend it!

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