Monday, January 5, 2015

A Surprise Wedding

My good friend, Patty, met a guy a few months ago, feel in love, and got engaged. It was fast, but we all supported the relationship and the track that it was on. When she invited us to an engagement party on December 27 (our anniversary), we were ready to celebrate. However, a few of us were suspicious that it was not just an engagement that we would celebrate. We were suspecting that it was going to be a surprise wedding, and we were right. As the night went on, we were more and more expectant, and when it actually happened we were ecstatic. Nothing could have prepared me for that level of excitement. It was by far the biggest wedding celebration that I've ever seen. No one was exhausted by extensive plans. No one had been in posing for pictures all day. It was only the celebration, and it was amazing.

Several people have asked me about the details (and I've told Patty that it has made us sort of celebrities and everyone wants to know about the wedding). Mostly, people want to know about how it came to be. For about an hour, it was a party as usual. Daniel and Patty were welcoming everyone and working the crowd, then Patty slipped upstairs to change into her simple and beautiful wedding gown. The host of the party gathered everyone and said a word of welcome, then stopped and said, "Wait! Where's Patty?" A few of us could see her and her dad at the top of the stairs, she was beaming in her dress and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers. While she walked down the stairs, the realization of what was happening hit everyone. She stopped for a minute at the landing and we all erupted in tears and screaming. We went crazy. (Her sisters and brother didn't even know, which was so great to watch their shock.) Our pastor was there and they stepped up the two stairs to the kitchen and had the wedding ceremony right there. 

Then we really partied. There was so much celebration. 
Screaming. laughing. face hurting from all those smiles. 

We all could not get enough of the fun night and are so excited for Daniel and Patty!

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