Friday, April 3, 2015

Burl's First Pocket Knife

Burl has been five years old for a nearly a month. John and I have talked about how he is definitely not a toddler anymore but a full out kid. It's always special to me to see how simple children's birthday wishes are...he wanted blueberry muffins for breakfast and cheetos/hot dogs/blackberries for dinner. 

He didn't ask for any gifts. Well, he wanted a pocket knife for his birthday but we explained that he was not old enough for one quite yet. However, his buddy who is 4 1/2 years old has one, so we secretly decided that we would get him one. He also got a new ninja turtle shirt, a remote control car, and, of course, the pocket knife:

His response was great! He was so happy! It's been a month now, and he still tells us, "thank you for getting me my own pocket knife," which sleeps beside him in the bed every night. For as much as he loves his pocket knife, his parents love giving it to him even more. (and we're excited that he's had no accidents yet!) 

These days the best words he can hear are, "Burl, want to do some pocket knifing?" It's the fastest response that we get out of him because those are the words of his dreams. 

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  1. i love these pictures.
    he is a legit big kid now.
    i bet this is your last post until 2017.