Monday, April 6, 2015

What Does Mama Say The Most?

I've collected a few pictures of Burl and Fern in the depths of their playtime. During this pregnancy, they have quickly and easily become each other's go-to playmates. They're best friends and have quite the adventures together! I love eavesdropping into their make-believe.

Along the way, I heard something that stuck with me-what would our kids say if we asked them what we say most often? While these questions aren't my flavor, I still wanted to know. I asked them what does Mama say all the time? 

Burl: You don't say something all the time. You laugh a lot.
Fern: You say "I love you."

Well, let me just say that was the best thing I could hear right now. While I'm unable to keep up the pace I usually like to do; while I'm resting more than chasing and wrestling; and while I'm passing out more "Mama can't" than I like to; it's nice to hear that I laugh and say I love you more than anything else. 
I hope that's true. 

1 comment:

  1. What sweet replies to your question. I think it's good to ask these types of questions to our children; they are so honest and give more grace than we often give ourselves. Laughter and love are the best answers.


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