Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John's Rainbow Birthday

Bless my heart. I made this rainbow cake with the kids for John's birthday last week. Not to make HIS birthday about ME, but it is my blog so I'm going to talk about that cake. In passing, John mentioned that he wanted a rainbow cake for his birthday. If you've read my blog for any length of time, then you know that I'll go to great lengths to give my people what they want on their birthday. Let's cut to the chase: this cake basically took me all day. In between nursing and general life, the kids and I squeezed party preparations into every corner of our day. 

I asked John why he chose this cake (but I shouldn't be surprised coming from the guy who asked for a pistachio cake with candied lemon slices one year), and he said that he had always wanted to have one and he knew the kids would enjoy and remember it. 

The kids did enjoy the preparations. They hung "rainbow streamers" and tried hard to keep all the secrets. After an entire day of housework, it was nice to take the evening off and enjoy John's birthday. He's done so much for our family that he actually deserves more than one night of pampering. We love him and our whole house breathes a gentle sigh of relief when he walks in the door. He's so sweet to each of us. 

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