Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nashville For Nanul

When my brother, Daniel, moved to Oregon, the kids had a hard time letting him go-especially Burl. There have been many "I miss Nanul" tears, but we've made up for it with FaceTime and letters. 

We got the news that he would be in Nashville (with a few days in Chattanooga), and I decided if he's in Tennessee then we need to get in as much time as we can. My mom, the kids, and I drove to Nashville for some extra Nanul time. 

Burl was literally on top of him for most of our time in Nashville. 

Fern enjoyed the larger chair swing where she could ride side-saddle like real ladies ride.

They swing. I nurse. 

Ridge was a complete doll and went with us for the ride. 

The goodbye was easy because Daniel will be in Chattanooga on Monday and the children are already making plans for him. They love their Nanul. 

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