Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pops 6th Pikeville Party

This was our sixth year celebrating my dad's birthday by spending the day at his farm. We've made trips beyond that for fun visits, but we always find a day that my brothers can join us too (and possibly some extra friends). 

When people learn that we make frequent visits to my dad's farm, their eyes tend to glaze over and they envision what I used to envision: simple farm house with a wide, sweeping porch; hanging baskets on farm posts, fluffy-fured animals, well-maintained gravel paths and manicured fields. To be blunt: there ain't nothing well-maintained and manicured about it. There's a camo winnabego on posts, tarps for curtains, and my dad yelling at any of the five dogs for jumping on someone. It's like a Julia Roberts movie set. Not.

The key to its appeal is space to roam and new things to explore. Find some chicken eggs. Throw food to the chickens. Drive on 4-wheelers. Walk around freely. Touch a toad. 

That's a few of the things that we did this time. My pregnancy aches and pains had me benched for most of the time, so my pictures are incomplete. Out of most of my pictures, Ridge was featured in the majority. Oh that precious boy! This was his first time at the farm where he was free to roam and he felt so big going wherever he wanted to go (and ride on the 4-wheeler). 

Sweet little Ridge did whatever the big kids did. I loved watching them each do their own things. Burl and Fern operated more freely while we're there. They knew the ropes. Ridge had confidence that didn't come from experience. 

It was a great 6th Farm Birthday Party-thanks Pops for cleaning a spot on the porch for us! Things have changed since we started going in 2010!

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  1. I fully understand what you're talking about with "picture-perfect" farms. They sometimes are rather make-shift, aye? :) "Temporary" baling twine-closures for gates end up being permanent and stuff like that. But such good memories are made. :)

    And, so exciting for your family to be welcoming a new little one! Congratulations!