Monday, October 17, 2016

Wooden's Tradition

Last Monday, as part of our fall break fun, my mom treated us to lunch, apple slushies, and candy at Wooden's farm. They specialize in apples but grow a bit more than that. 

The kids enjoyed the grandmother spoils (especially since Burl and Fern came from a sleepover with John's parents and enjoyed their spoils). Sugar and kiss overload. 

It's a great place to buy apples, get stuffed on southern food, and take some pictures. However, I have to work hard to crop out all the extras. There aren't open fields to run and play. 

Apparently they don't want people in their orchards, but when they are right beside the parking lot and Marmee is there, we have to snag the free photo opp. 

We used some of the apples to make the best apple dessert I've had (and I'm not usually a fan because I like my apples raw and crispy, thankyouverymuch). It was a fun midday trip and one of the many perks of living in Chattanooga and being surrounded by farmland. 

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