Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Creek In The Woods

Over spring break, we visited a spot that I frequented when I only had two children. Burl and Fern were Ridge and Lark's age, so naturally my mama heart skipped a beat. (Click here for a cute memory.) 

We've spent a lot of time in these woods near the VW car factory, and now we're back with Ridge wearing the same cheeks and boots that Burl had then. It messes with my Mama head to remember a sweet special season while living in a sweet special season of my life. TOO MUCH GOODNESS TO ABSORB. 

At first the big kids were skeptical that they could have fun here, then one look at the creek and they were engaged. Ridge got wet, but powered through and didn't stop exploring. 

Burl had some plans and kindly led Fern through his agenda. They fed off of each other, and I was encouraged once again to pray that Fern marries a man who leads her like Burl, with excitement and gentleness, and pray that Burl marries a woman who follows him like Fern with joy and adoration. They are a sweet pair. 

We played for a while until I gave Ridge a break. Despite being cold from his wet clothes, Ridge would have stayed all day but I couldn't watch him shiver anymore. We wrapped up this session of creek fun, and I promised the kids that we would be back again. 

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  1. There is a book called "Last Child in the Woods" about how important this type of exploration and play is and how so many kids in our society today are lacking it. You don't need to read it, your kids are getting all this good stuff!!!