Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easter 2017

This year no one made it to church for Easter Sunday. I played the newborn card and stayed home with Lark while John took the three big kids to church only to find that all the seats were taken. 

However, we had a fun Easter egg hunt and dinner at my in-laws'. Burl scrambled like the wild 7-year-old that he is, Fern hesitated but warmed up after seeing Ridge, and Ridge howled and grunted as he ran from egg to egg. If eggs were rewarded for enthusiasm instead of speed and skill, then he would have taken home all of the eggs. 

Lark was shuffled from one loving set of arms to the next. My mil gave me her leftover ham bone. While we are sad that we missed church, we still love Jesus and are thankful for his family blessings that he's given us. 

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