Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lark's First Farm Visit, A Case Of Nature

Dad, go get the tissues, this one's for you.

This week we made the trip to Pikeville to my dad's farm for a morning visit. 

The kids actually enjoy the long drive up there. The city gives way to farm land and the highways narrow down to roads. We finally make the turn up his mountain. First the tree tunnel, then the incline, then the gravel road through the woods for ten minutes. Finally, it opens up to three farms beside each other. The one with the pond marks an X for Pops' Farm. 

Burl made a random but poignant comment on the drive up. "I like that there's not a lot of technology up here and more nature." That is music to any parent's ears in 2017. He's heard that somewhere, and I'm glad he's taking notes. Burl has learned at his school that he's nature smart. I don't exactly know what that means, but I like the sound of it. Dealer, I'm put all my money on that card!

We arrived with blue skies and full terror of the no-eyed dog. Both of those things changed while we were there. 

Epic sized clouds with their loud thunder took over and pushed us inside Pops' small cabin with covered porches.

We ate hot dogs, cheetos, and capri suns because a grandparent's meals are fun if not anything. While waiting for the storm to pass, we all warmed up to Taz. Both of his eyes are sewn shut. 

That's when the tide turned and we fell in love with him. He plays fetch. He's blind and he plays fetch. Burl threw the ball and we all watched in amazement as he searched for the tennis ball, cheering when he found it. 

That confidence spread to the cows and actual PETTING OF THE DOG. It was a quick turn around from crying that took his breath away to quick, giggly touches. 

On the way home, the babies fell asleep before we hit the paved road (a line that we always say and laugh at) and the big kids fell asleep before we hit the big road. 

Pops, Burl thinks that you are nature smart as well and I agree. Thank you for passing on the peace that comes with figuring out our way around pop-up storms and alarming animals. They enjoyed it almost as much as you did. Happy Father's Day.

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  1. Aw, I love this and I love that your dad adopted a no-eyed dog :) It takes a very special person to do that.