Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ridge & Lark

Ridge got home from being away and walked into the room where Lark was. Lark saw him, got excited, and crawled right to him. Ridge got down on the floor and hugged him for a minute. Ridge definitely feels possessive over Lark, and sometimes will bear hug him away from us and say, "MY LARKY!" When he puts it that way, we let him have Lark to himself. 

While they don't exactly play WITH each other, they play BY each other. 

Their relationship is slowly developing. With the older two away at school, I'm seeing it more and more. I take a backseat to play director and become spy photographer. 

I wonder what these two will be: co-conspirators, fierce competitors, or best friends. Probably a combination of all three, a season for everything. They are all smiles and love right now. We call them the babies but one thing is for sure about their future: baby won't last long because they are going to be big. 

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