Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camp Dog Days, 2

The day that I helped with Camp Mama was suppose to be Machines and Motions Day, but the mom changed things up and did a Days of Summer Theme.  It felt more like a casual day of homeschooling preschoolers than a theme.  Guess what?  The kids didn't care.  They just had fun.  The host-mom is really experienced in homeschooling, so it was fun to experience.  

They started the day with snack prep.  Each kid got a chunk of dough and a not-very-sharp knife.  They each got to slice cookies and place them on the cookie sheet.  Then, she took the kids to her garden beds and talked to them about food.  I was putting Fern down to sleep, so I missed what she said.  I'm sure it was educational.  

Burl barely sat down for the picture.  He just wanted to climb the bed walls.  This picture is also a good fit for the whole camp-all the girls doing the activity on hand, Burl just wanting to play and be rowdy.

Luckily, a six-year-old boy was there this day to balance the odds.  Burl adores and copies almost anything this boy does, which I totally used for my good.  "Burl, let's color with Audi."  "Burl, sit by Audi and do whatever he does."  

That manipulation tool was really helpful when the children decorated cookies with icing.  I was amazed at how well each kid did with this activity.  

When the girls dressed as princesses and twirled, Audi dressed up as a Samurai and dressed Burl as a firefighter.  

Fern and the other baby did great watching the activities, playing with baby-safe toys, and being loved on by the mamas.  

Eventually structured activities gave way to creative play.  A fort was built, pillows pulled to the floor, and imaginations were flowing.  As much as kids need fun things to do with their mamas and friends, nothing beats unscheduled time for them to fill by themselves.  Even if it is to play "night night" under the fort.  

Structured or free, these kids played hard.  There were only a few minor potty accidents (by one little potty training boy).  Other than that, everyone was safe and happy.  They even managed to get a good picture!

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