Friday, August 24, 2012

In Search Of A Quarry

We didn't have anything planned for the day.  We had open time and I had an itch for an adventure.  I wanted to take the kids, explore something new, and make some everyday memories.

I remembered that there was a quarry not far from me.  I visited it years ago and had seen pictures of it on Facebook.  It kept popping in my head, basically taunting me to come find it.

Well, the original way that I knew to go was blocked and claimed "private party." So, I went another way through a public park.  We ran around the park, ate apples, and had a mini photo shoot.

During our hunt, we found this serene little spot by a creek.  It was quiet, peaceful, and perfect.  I'm pretty sure that we could take a ship down the water to Where The Wild Things Are.  A still creek gets my imagination flowing even more than being in the middle of the woods at 8:45 in the morning.

We never found that quarry, but we found an old cabin for searching and screaming.  We found open fields and paths to run.  We found a garden to enjoy.  We found a normal middle-of-the-week adventure.

As much as I'm going to remember staying at home and playing all day, I'm going to remember what fun it was (and still is) to pack up the kids and take them on little outings that get us out of the house and exploring something new.  

As we were loading up to head home, I found a couple of guys (who were probably at the first Woodstock) who told me just how easy it was to get to the quarry.  I tucked that little nugget of information in my back pocket for when we try again, because there will be many more agains.


  1. Love your photos...sounds like such a great day. I love days when you can just let stuff happen...who cares if you make it to your destination? the journey is worth celebrating!

    1. Preach it sista! Not finding the quarry turned out to be fun, but I still want to find it!!!

  2. Greenway? That quarry is a strange place. Love the pictures of your sweet babies. Makes me nostalgic for all the little adventures I went on with my toddler/baby combo. They ate a lot of dirt.

    1. Strange? How so? Glad to know your kids ate dirt too. Those apples definitely hit the ground more than once and went right back to the kids. (lowering cleanliness standards here)