Friday, July 19, 2013


It's been a few weeks since I've posted my Instagram pictures on here.  I've so enjoyed Instagram, some might call it a "problem," but those people be crazy.  Here is a little snapshot into the small parts of my life:

My brothers are chronically asking me to wrap presents for them, which I always swear will be the last time that I do it.  I said yes once again, so as my payback, I went all out.

My best friend and I will always cut up together-no matter if we're at the hospital with a loved one.  Everyone clears the room-we play with the toys on the wall.  

Playing with my very busy and active kids.

Our date camping trip got rained out.  Instead we went on a get-meg-a-dessert date overlooking the river.

Homemade pico is too perfect.  Pulse in food processor: white onion, tomatoes, cilantro, salt, lime juice.

Little people, little ways, big love.

Now I cover Teddy too.  Every.time.

My mom has a thing for wrapping presents.  If prizes were given, she would bring home the gold.

Sometimes Fern wakes up from her nap before Burl and I get some one-on-one time with her.  We get some time to be silly and I give her extra kisses.  I just love when it happens!

These are how the eggs look when I get them from my dad.  Hay, manure, and feathers.  While I think it's so cool and rad and delicious to get my eggs like this, I still laugh to myself.  Two generations ago, washing eggs would be quite the chore (if they even did that back then).  Oh how times have changed.

Since getting eggs from my dad and another farmer, I've started to get TWIN yolks.  I thought it was so unnatural, but come to think of it, eliminating twin yolks is probably more unnatural.

Fern got the biggest goose egg to date the other day.  With Burl, this was a daily occurrence  but with Fern it's a rarity.  We always take advantage of the close snuggle time.  Both of these people were milking it.

life rearranged
InstaFriday is way fun.  The idea comes from Life Rearranged.


  1. beautiful wrapping job! I'm so horrible at it, I'm too impatient haha.

  2. I love Instagram! I love seeing all your pics of the kids.

    There have been many times where I almost stopped blogging just because I can do it all on Instagram!