Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Week's Menu

Lately, we've been lazy with our food and we're feeling the effects of it.  We've had headaches, stomach aches, and felt overall sluggish.  This time last year, we would have never related that to our diet, but we know differently now.  While I don't think that we have to eat like rabbits all the time, there is a balance and that balance is particular to each of us.  The key is to listen to our bodies and take the time to give them the right foods.  While it sounds simple and easy to some, for us it's a big shift and we're still making it.  It's taking years, folks, years.  Here's what we're stuffing our bocas with this week:  

Kale and white bean salad, bread
Cream of asparagus soup, blue cheese and orange salad
Fish tacos, cilantro and lime brown rice, fruit
Sausage and tomato pasta

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  1. I'll settle for Burl's chocolate ice cream!