Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Thought of Gifts

My mother-in-law called, "I'm at the Carhartt store, what's the next size overalls that Burl needs?"
My mom called, "Does Fern need an extra bathing suit?  There's a cute pink ruffled one on sale at Gap."
My dad called, "I saw these plastic Adirondack chairs in kids' sizes-Can I get two for the kids?"

It always feels good to get those calls and to receive those kinds of gifts.  The overalls, bathing suit, and chairs are all used frequently around my house.  I enjoy getting those things, but good gracious it's way more of the thought and the effort that go behind it.  This week, I'm learning more of what that thought means and even more what it means when it's gone.

This year, my mom got me exactly what I wanted for my birthday.  She asked and asked until I gave her exact items that I wanted.  I sent her links to two things: Pottery Barn pillow shams and stemless wineglasses.  I've decided that I want more patterned pillows in my life, and we've broken several of our everyday glasses that I use for everything.  My mom boxed them up nicely, wrapped them in aqua paper, tied a big bow on the front and added those hydrangeas to the front.  Because that's how she rolls, and that's how she makes us feel special.

This week I was with my longest, closest, best friend while her dad passed away.  I'm not going to say much about that here on this blog out of respect for her and the family, however, this post seemed appropriate.  Her dad was generous and thoughtful and quick to give.  I said that as a little girl as I was the recipient of his generosity and others are saying that again now as we remember him.  

...I'm thankful for those who make those calls and give that way and think about us and our babies when they see things.
...I'm sad for the absence of those calls when they stop.
...I'm inspired to remember to do the same for others-whether I can afford gifts or not, I can find my ways to let people know that I care, that I'm thinking about them, and that I love them.

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  1. Such lovely, kind gestures. One of the nicest things someone has done for me recently was when my Dad let himself into my house during the day and left a vase of roses from his garden. It was a lovely surprise after a hard day of teaching practice! I do hope your friend and her family are ok. x