Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beach Trip, 2015

We love a good beach trip. We drug 2 month old Ridge with us To Florida and had such a great time. Here are three facts about our trip:

1. Burl was constantly pulling pranks. Silly faces in pictures, knocking on our neighbors doors and running, pretending to throw things while holding onto them. It was constant. He was so proud of himself (except he found himself in trouble a few times). I loved it!
2. I managed to get 40% of Fern's hair in a ponytail. She's told several people "I can do braids and ponytails now." She's so proud and ready for her hair to grow longer.
3. Ridge did not cry the five days we were there. Not at all. He's an easy baby, but he was over-the-top while we were there. John and I talked about it and we couldn't remember a single time that he cried. 

Here are a monster load of pictures with a few captions:

Ridge spent most of his time napped out on this bed. (Burl's tissues and cough drops in the background.)

Burl said that he wanted to sit and think. He did for 90 seconds. Bless those little shoulders.

She called me giwlfwiend as much as she did Mama. Hilarious. 

The kids love to "hold Ridge like we do" with him facing them. Fern cracks up every time. "he's so floppy and so wiggly."

Mello Yellows for the kids because vacation.

Our happy Ridge visited the beach three times for a total of two hours, maybe.

This picture overwhelms me. It's too much happiness for me to process. 

I LOVED Burl's teenager sulk that he gave me when I asked for a picture of the two of them. I crack up every time they give me this. 

Drip castles>regular castles

We kept this year simple because of that cute newborn. No dressing up in cute clothes for dinner. No fancy meals. Paper plates. Sand all over everything. Ocean baths for the kids. It was the perfect, easy pace. We enjoyed our days there. 

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