Saturday, August 15, 2015

Equestrian Fern

I'll do almost anything to get a smile on Fern's face. A few months ago, Fern mustered up enough bravery to try a little horseback riding. It was a big deal for her, and a borderline spiritual experience for me. 

Since then, she's asked about riding horses again. Even though I have a strong love/hate relationship with these structured Toddler Activities where I pay money to do something silly, I HAD TO TAKE HER AGAIN. She's so happy. So confident. So beautiful. 

We went back and forth riding the horses: the real horses and the horse swing. 

I loved watching her be silly and brave. 

Ridge was along for the ride, just being easy and breezy out there. Bless his heart, he does so well with it all. 

We closed things out with a picnic because that's how we do. 

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