Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pre-Kindergarten Play Date

This summer as we came down the pipeline towards kindergarten, we were squeezing in as much as we could. Burl asked "for one last play date with James," and I was happy to make it happen. 

It was almost too much for my little heart. Bless it, I was so dramatic about the whole thing. I remember exactly where we were when I met Amanda, James' mom. We were in women's Bible study. We each had boys who were a year and a half old, we were stay at home moms, and we lived in the same zip code. Our boys became good buddies, and our friendship blossomed too. 

Here they are now, each with a little sister (and a napping Ridge) tagging along. I pulled up the first time I blogged about their friendship and showed them the pictures. That was back in the day of tools and Bob-the-builder love. Now they're fighting ninjas and kindergarteners. {Pause for a moment of silence}.

Amanda brought over The Kissing Hand and I read it and cried. We're a couple weeks into our new lives and I'm still adjusting to the change. It makes me happy to think about all the memories that these two have shared. Even though their opportunities to be together have changed, I know that they will stay friends. 

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