Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Burl's First Day Of Kindergarten

I've never had the desire to write the birth story of any of my children, but I definitely dedicated some journal pages to the morning I dropped off my firstborn to kindergarten. Here's the loose rundown and how the first few weeks are going: 

I've never really experience anxiety until this summer, and it peaked the 12 hours before that first drop off. Truly. It was rough. I had always envisioned what it would feel like to put my firstborn to bed the night before kindergarten. How would I ever walk out of his room? Well, he fell asleep quickly, and I stayed in there for an hour. I just stared, prayed, and cried. I finally left his room and snot-bubble sobbed in the kitchen with John. It was the first time that I told John that being a mom was hard. It felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, to put it lightly. 

The next morning I held it together. He's always been excited about kindergarten until he heard that it was five days a week. He was both excited and nervous.

My brother kept Fern and Ridge while I took Burl, which was nice. We prayed and chit-chatted about non-school things on the way there. That morning, I was thankful for chocolate milk, phase-in days, whoever invented the gingerbread man scavenger hunt, and Jesus for getting us through THE BIG GOODBYE. It's a miracle they didn't have to rip him off of me in tears. When it came time to leave, he held the teacher's hand and walked out of the gym. 

The day was long and short. Luckily, I met with my Mom group that I've dubbed "Cheers, tears, and prayers" group. We are a hot mess, but we're together and that helps. 

John picked him up and I waited eagerly outside. When he hopped out of the truck, the tears and pride struck me hard and we ran to each other for a hug. The first thing I heard was that he loved it and he wanted to live at kindergarten. That was beyond my wildest dreams! 

Since school has started, I've seen Burl already change. He is a better version of himself. I knew he would flourish, but I had no idea it would hit this early. He's happy, he's excited, he's talkative, he's confident, he's friendly, he's descriptive, and I'm over the moon about how well this is going for Burl!

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