Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Camping With Friends

We felt a level of joy and relaxation this weekend that filled us to the brim. We went camping with friends. We've always talked about how much fun it would be to bring some friends with us. When I realized that the campsite next to us was available, I sent out some texts and gathered some people. 

I HAD TO bring my camera, because what's the point of having fun if there aren't a slew of pictures taken? Thankfully, my friends are artsy and like taking pictures and capturing good moments, so they would pick up my camera and grab a few pictures as well. Here are some great moments with a few captions:

Our kids didn't mind that Everett was younger. They took them under their wing and included him on everything-from camping cheetos to chasing deer.

Burl got a lantern, his notebook, and his pencil because he wanted to practice his letters. He took a break to help E with his glow stick necklace. 

Pierce did great on his first camping trip. He slept well and got very dirty.

Stroller gang was in full effect in the woods.

This might be my favorite picture from the trip. Jenny took this when we were all sitting by the fire, enjoying bacon, eggs, and coffee. Waking up in the woods, surrounded by friends and babies, is my personal utopia. 

Babies on daddies is such a beautiful thing. Everyone enjoyed a small hiking break beside the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River.

Everett busted out of his baby carrier and braved the trails. Sweet Burl was right there helping him navigate the rocky ground. 

Shirtless, cutoff, big stick Burl is one of my favorite Burls. 

These kids made a game of drawing funny pictures for each other and exploded into fits of laughter every time. (Also seen: Allison brought flowers and a cute tablecloth. She's my car-camping kindred spirit.)

Ridge finally got to rock our smallest pair of carhartt overalls. He and Burl wore them at four months, while Fern rocked them until she was 10 months

Anyone who has vacationed with friends knows they level of sharing that goes on in those days: sharing food, sharing gear, sharing parenting, sharing stories, and sharing space. (I'm one sweet moment away from moving into communal living.) I'm all about some sharing, and to do that in the middle of woods is a picture of heaven for me. I'm still buzzing off the whole weekend. It was a great break from living by a clock and routine for us. 

Is it clear that I had fun? Put another way: if I had some of Tinkerbell's fairy dust, then I would fly away with all my happy thoughts. {leprechaun kick}

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