Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fern's First "School" Day

Fern started "school" one day a week, and she could not love it more. She was ready and beyond excited. She woke up easily, did her chores, got ready, and was begging to go an hour before we had to leave. 


We really had some role reversals with school. Even though she's shy 99% of new situations, Fern was confident and eager to get to school and get going. I was completely amazed at how well she did! She loved it.  

Because I don't know what to do with myself, I got her some treats to welcome her home. She loved her surprises and told us all about her day-down to how other girls styled their hair. 

The best part is when she comes home and tells me all about her day in detail. Fern is a sweet girl, and I'm beyond thrilled that she has a day to go to school and that she loves it as much as she does. 

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