Monday, October 19, 2015

Baby Cow's Bottle

There's always something new to do at my dad's farm. This visit we got to bottle-feed a baby calf, which was, of course, exciting! There was a lot of hype going into it. Who would do it? Who would just watch? Once we got up there and saw the calf roaming around like a pet dog, everyone became warmer to the idea. 

Bottom line: calves drink fast and if it doesn't come out fast enough they jerk their heads. First head jerk, and Fern was over it. "Daddy hold me." That's understandable since she was the same height of the calf. 

Burl was all about it. He was even more excited about explaining things to Ridge, and Ridge enjoyed the rowdy show. Or maybe Ridge was laughing because he just got nursed and now the cow was getting a bottle and he felt a special bond with the calf-who knows? {wink, wink}

We each got our turn and got our picture and had our laughs. It lasted just a few minutes, and we earned another proverbial merit badge for our farm uniform.

Thanks for the experience, "Baby Cow."

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