Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pops' 60th Birthday

Well, we made the voyage to my dad's farm again. He turned 60, and I gave him the best presents of all: a day at the farm and grandchildren. The kids still get giddy every time we pull up. As we went through the gate, Burl exploded, "I'm just so excited, so excited, so excited!"

The theme of this trip was babies. Baby Ridge, the baby calf, and baby chicks were the big draws this time. We did the normal farm tasks, but also added Find The Baby Chicks and Give The Calf A Bottle to the list. Somehow our farm "to-do's" grow each time we go up there. (Taking things off the must-do list, on the other hand, is always heartbreaking.)

We had perfect weather, ate BBQ and pie, spent an hour on the 4-wheeler and tractor, and got a few minor injuries. The farm never disappoints-it was everything it should be. 

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