Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Childhood Dream

Burl was sitting at the counter writing valentines. 
Fern was pushing her babies in her stroller around the kitchen. 
Ridge was crawling around my feet. 
John was driving home from work. 
I was making cookies for Fern's school party. 

It struck me hard: this was a scene straight out of my childhood dreams. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to tell them "barefoot and pregnant." Even though I'm {currently} not pregnant, I am living my actual dream. It's moments like this that stop me in my tracks. WOAH. How can this be?

I've been silent here because my precious iPhoto has been on the fritz. However, my handsome tech support and sweet husband got everything working for me. Here's a little update on the past few weeks:

The second semester of kindergarten has been easier on me. I'm done with my twice-a-week physical therapy and I've started morning carpool. My schedule has been a breath of fresh air.

Fern, Ridge and I have enjoyed gaining a few more slow mornings of jammies, crawling, and a slow cup of coffee. 

Often when Burl gets home, he requests some Ridge time. For whatever reason, I offered to let the kids give Ridge a juice bottle. Giving Ridge a bottle and it actually working well has been a dream of Burl and Fern's since I was pregnant with him. 

We had to drop Ridge's crib because he's mister-stand-up now. I love walking into his room and finding him like this. This was the very first morning that I found him like this, so naturally I yelled for one the the children to bring me my camera. 

I snapped this picture of Fern at her friend's birthday party. Fern was very excited and talkative about MH's birthday for the days leading up to the party, but her mouth was sealed once we got there. 

Sweet Fern: it takes her a very long time to open up to new things. 

More brother time talking about laser guns. Ridge looks excited. 

Her happy, trying not to smile, smile.

A light dusting called for an impromptu photo shoot with the gingers. Neither one of them seemed to mind the brief cold. 

On a morning when school was delayed, we had time to go slow. Here, everyone was playing together in Ridge's room and they cooked their mama a large meal. Burl's getting extremely tall and lean. Ridge is right there, barely in the middle of it all.

I've said it so many times: no romance can top the electricity of valentine school parties. Burl and Fern were so diligent in getting their cards written and stickered. 

Baby glasses. Hilarious. 

I'm looking forward to returning to my blog. This has always been such a fun outlet for me.
Thank you for caring and reading. 

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