Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

One of my favorite parts of being a mom of young children is simple celebrations. At this stage, my kids get very excited over a few little extra things. I thrive on hype and energy, so minor holidays quickly become grand occasions in our house. Burl and Fern still talk about how magical last year was because they got carabiners and bungee cords. This year's Valentine's Day was no exception (and based on my Instagram feed, several of my mom friends are the same way)!

Burl and Fern had incredible school parties. I joined Burl's party, and felt the energy. I stand firm on the belief that there are few romantic gestures that match the excitement of a school Valentine's party. Fern had a big day at first school party. Apparently she was the dancing queen and bell of the ball at her dance party. "Mom, they even had balloons, decorations, lights that blinked on and off, and music! They played Uptown Funk!"

At home we celebrated with a special dinner that was up their alley. Lately Burl has fallen in love with sushi and Fern has fallen in love with egg rolls, so that's what we made. The boys were in charge of sushi, and the girls were in charge of the egg rolls. 

Once we lit the candles and set the table, Fern proclaimed, "this is like a feast in our castle!" It doesn't take much. 

After Ridge went down (baby was so tired by the time is was said and done) and cleaned up, we had dessert. The kids wore their new little gifts (much needed helmets) and ate ice cream out of wine glasses. We talked about the day. A fun dinner + a gift was enough to put our Valentine's Day celebration up there with Christmas morning and their birthdays. 

I treasure their uninhibited excitement and their simple joys. 

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